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Core Restore BT Kit

Manufacture: Ortho Molecular Products

Product Code: CRBT

 Core Support: 

  • Nutritional support for phase II liver detoxification
  • Pleasant berry taste mixes easily into water, juice or non-dairy alternative
  • Provides 5 g of fiber per serving, essential for binding toxins for elimination
  • Healthy brown rice protein- a satisfying, hypoallergenic source of energy
  • Unique blend of vegetable extracts and potent antioxidants to up regulate phase II enzymes


  • Phytonutrients for phase I & II liver detoxification
  • Providing natural botanicals that support the body’s natural liver cleansing function
  • Supports bile production and secretion for transporting toxins out of the body

 Alpha Base (Mult-Vitamin): 

  • Comprehensive multivitamin formula 
  • Providing key minerals and nutrients your body needs during detoxification
  • Encapsulated for efficient absorption
  • Convenient blister pack